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five things to be thankful for

  • the phone
    knowing that i can call home at any time and still hear mom and/or dad's reassuring voices rocks
  • the coworkers
    i feel blessed on a regular basis that i get to work with people i enjoy and respect and am helping to hopefully build something really great.
  • the ride
    after eight years, i still love my car. now that i have a rockstar mechanic for my senior citizen ride, you will have to pry the keys to her out of my cold dead hands.
  • the friends
    a better support network and all around fun group of friends, i couldn't ask for
  • the cats
    his catness and her ladyship meet me at the door every night. he prefers that i watch tv, quietly, with a blanket on my lap rather than read or work on the laptop. laps are, after all, for kitties, not computers. she prefers that i lavish attention on her 24-7


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free lance designer trying to make her creative voice earn its keep


photography, movies, eyewear, happy hour, gardening